Link category: Misc

  • 3dfabrique.com - 3d visualization service.
  • 3dsmile.it - Italian language 3D portal and forum.
  • Lele's VRay Tools - Very useful script pack for VRay.
  • rendernode magazine - PDF format magazine featuring tutorials, reviews, interviews with leading artists and articles focused on production case studies.
  • SquarePolygon - A community edited site for 3d professionals to get their questions answered about 3d modelling, rendering, careers and more. It has a wiki structure and once you have earnt enough reputation you can vote questions and answers up and down, comment, edit posts and tags and more...
  • Table Top Studio - Product photography how-to - A great reference site with a big variety of real world studio setup how-tos for product photography.
  • The home country of Chaos Group - Just a little info on the team who created VRay
  • Treddi.com - Italian language 3D portal
  • VArcht Tools - Apply cropping script - Great script for applying bitmap cropping to all your objects. Fixes most splotch problems.
  • VRay Material Control - A script that allows you to change the properties of VRayMtls, VRayLightMtls, VRayFastSSS, Standard & VRayMtlWrapper mats across the scene, selection or material editor.
  • VRaymaterials.de - VRay material library and forum
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