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Notice: does not work in SP4. New version is in progress.

Download egzVRayMaterials 0.8 beta for VRay 1.5 12.6.2004


  • egzVRayGlass beta 0.7
  • egzVRayWax beta 0.8
  • egzVRayCarpaint beta 0.7
  • Note: egzVRayLight beta 0.1 is not included due to the new VRayLight material in 1.5

Changes in 0.8:

  • All materials are changed to be compatible with the new VRayMaterial in VRay 1.5
  • Some changes to the egzVRayWax material: Quality spinner, better interpolation control

For previous versions see this page:
materialbeta 0.7


  • 3ds max™ 5 or higher (untested in 3ds max™ 3.1, and some materials don't work in max 4/viz4)
  • V-Ray™ Advanced 1.45.65 or later


  1. Remove any previous version you might have installed by deleting the egzMaterials directory in scripts/startup/
  2. Download the file
  3. Unpack the .zip file
  4. Drag the .mzp file into a 3ds max™ viewport
  5. Restart 3dx max™
  6. The materials are now selectable in the material editor

These materials are provided "as is" without warranty or liability.
The materials are beta, use at your own risk.

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