Update to Pdplayer available

Posted by Torgeir Holm on 29.11.2012 | Category: Related news

The free update to includes 64 bit support for QuickTime, as well as several new features and improvements.

Key improvements include:

• Support for Quicktime in the 64 bit version of Pdplayer - Pdplayer 64 bit can now playback quicktime movies.

• RED - a crucial part of Pdplayer is the ability to display and work with RED footage. In the new version we implement the latest RED SDK (RED Epic and Scarlet), support multiple R3D tracks and allow you to save your current R3d look as RMD metadata.

• NUKE integration - we have further improved the integration with NUKE. New script commands allow us to perfectly match Saturation, Hue and Contrast as well as export AVI and MOV files.

• Extended file type support - in addition to the wide range of supported input, the new Pdplayer comes fully equipped to display DNG, 16 bit DPX and RGBA DPX files

Check out the full list of updates available in Pdplayer version here (PDF):

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