Phoenix FD 2.0 for 3ds Max SP2 available

Posted by Torgeir Holm on 7.5.2014 | Category: Related news

Free update for current users improves user interface and adds several new features.

New features and updates include:

  • Improved User Interface
  • Grid-based Self Illumination for fast, artifact free illumination
  • Improved Point Shader with Light Cache support for rendering millions of particles
  • Phoenix FD Properties Menu with right-click access to per object overrides
  • Morphing Tools with new Attraction Forces to control fluid direction
  • Animation Loop to seamlessly loop simulation sequences
  • Direct RGB Color Settings to mix colors used in smoke and liquid simulations
  • External File Formats
    • PRT file export for foam, splash, and drag particles
    • Import Field3D and OpenVDB files and render with Phoenix FD volume shaders

For more information:

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