V-Ray 2.5 for 3ds Max released under 3.0 licensing policy.

Posted by Torgeir Holm on 28.7.2014 | Category: V-Ray news

Complementary V-Ray 2.5 Working under the V-Ray 3.0 License

To ease the transition to 3.0, and to be able to maintain backward compatibility with older 2.x projects, Chaos Group have released a V-Ray 2.5 build that uses the 3.x licenses. This replaces the time limited complementary 2.x license that came with previous upgrades.

Says Chaos Group: "It is easier than ever to move up to V-Ray 3.0. We just released V-Ray 2.5 which works under the V-Ray 3.0 and Render Node 3.0 license. When you upgrade, you can continue using V-Ray 2.0 to finish any outstanding projects and take advantage of the best version of V-Ray yet."

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