Topic: Shadows through refractive objects

posted by CPNICHOLS
archived on 30.4.2002

If you take a simple plane of glass and you assign a Standard material to it with a VRayMap for reflection and a VRayMap for refraction, then you assign an omni with a VRay shadow the light does not go through the object. Here are different things I have tried that also render the same result:

- using a VRay light instead of an omni with a VRay shadow
- using a VRay material
- changing the opacity level (0 to 100)
- changing the filter color (white to black)
- changing the refraction level from 0 to 100 without turning it off
- turning off and on Transparent shadow
- banging my head against the wall
- even selecting the glass object and turning off cast shadows in the properties

I think the issue lies with the VRay shadow. The only way to get the light to pass through is to object is the turn off reflection (which makes the glass look less like glass), or to use caustics, which takes forever.

I want some sort of a raytraced shadow, with VRay, to be able to pick up the filter color in the shadow, and be able to refract the glass. Is there a solution?


A: Make your material transparent (opacity < 100) and do not use a VRayMap for refractions. Use the map only for reflections. That should solve your problem. You can also use caustics to get light through the glass with VRayMap in the refract slot, in case you very much need true refraction and not just opacity.

This only applies to very old VRay versions
In new versions just check affect shadow in a VRay Material.

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