Topic: Advanced Materials

 • Reflections/refractions 101 (Advanced Materials), 17.1.2004
 • How to get VRay reflections on a Simbiont material (Advanced Materials), 11.8.2003
 • Alpha Channel Opacity (Advanced Materials), 29.4.2003
 • Reflective Values (Advanced Materials), 11.3.2003
 • IOR (Index of Refraction) Values (Advanced Materials), 11.3.2003
 • Black glass hints: Which way did that color go? (Advanced Materials), 10.9.2002
 • VRayMat vs. Standard: The best of both worlds (Advanced Materials), 20.5.2002
 • SSS: Translucency (Advanced Materials), 17.5.2002
 • Displacement Modifier: Taking geometry to another level (Advanced Materials), 10.5.2002
 • Fresnel: You know... that lighthouse guy (Advanced Materials), 1.5.2002
 • Old Plastic: An example of realistic raytraced plastic. (Advanced Materials), 29.4.2002

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